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Virtual BCC Rides with Zwift

Started by janet thompson, March 25, 2020, 11:45:05 AM

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janet thompson

Fellow Zwifters,
We'd like to start arranging some group virtual rides. It's a great way to stay connected and ride with your fellow BCC cyclists.  Please let me know if you're a Zwifter and you'd like to participate in some scheduled group rides. It should be a blast!


Hi Janet,

I tried to get that going back in December, but it never got much traction. I know that there are a group of riders (I think Richard Westwood is the meetup coordinator) are already doing this.

I've sent a meet-up request to those BCCers on Zwift that follow me for this evening at 7:30pm. If anyone else wants to join, follow me on Zwift, and I'll add you in.

Richard's rides and my planned ride are "virtual stay together" rides, which means each person can ride at their own effort level/power output with no one getting dropped from the group. That way we don't need a "touring" or "sportif" group.

It would be great to consolidate these various rides, and get a bigger group together all at once.

Thanks for taking the initiative. 



Hi Janet / Jason (all of BCC for that matter  :D)

A group of us started meetups as a way to weather the storm.... we've been going at it daily, but most of us are fairly new to Zwift, so still working out the kinks.

Follow any of us:  Richard Westwood, Colin Moore, Peter Mueller, Brian Hastings, Jeff Tilley, Ovi Munt, Rene Grunert, and EscapeFA(Dave Bodnaruk) to see what we're up to. Hopefully we can all connect on one collective BCC group ride!



The Zwift group rides are pretty interesting and keep everyone together as long as everyone pedals - unlike those people in Sportif who like to crack one another on rides :o

I organized a small group ride this week (only had a smart trainer for 6 days now) and participated in another in addition to doing 3 solo rides in Zwift. Its nice to have a variety of choices.

Once we sort this out, I would certainly be into leading an early weekday morning ride (7am). Cooler in the house and can get focused on work afterwards. Not so sure about weekends as I would still like to get outside on longer solo rides if possible.     


For anyone interested, I've started a Zwift meetup ride at 9:30am on Saturday. If you follow me on Zwift (Jason Roth), I will add you to the invitation list for Saturday's ride.

The ride is a "Stay Together" ride, meaning no one will get dropped as long as you keep pedalling. Everyone can ride at their pace, and we'll all stay as a group.

I've set the ride up to ride Watopia's Big Loop, which is 44km with about 650m of climbing, should take about 90min (give or take) to complete.

Follow me on Zwift, and join us for virtual group riding!


Mark Hill

Hi Jason,  great idea, I'll be there for 9:30 tomorrow!


If anyone else wants to join in, follow me on Zwift, and I'll add you to the ride invitation. To be part of the group "stay together" in Zwift, you'll have to accept the meetup invitation, and then click on "join meetup" in game before 9:30.

If you're interested in a longer ride, follow Richard Westwood on Zwift, and he'll add you to his ride, which starts at 9:00 and is expected to be ~2-2 1/2h in length.




Hi Janet,

I am interested in Zwifting with my fellow club members.  Tried a ride today, March 31, with Mark Holden but somehow did not connect properly until Mark was 4kms into the ride.  I will try again this Saturday with Jason.



Hi Tim (and others with similar problems) - make sure you accept the invitation in the Zwift companion to join the "meetup", otherwise you won't be grouped together.

And, get zwift started up and connected to your sensors a few minutes early (suggest 10 or more), to make sure everything works. Watch for the "join meetup" message on your screen with about 5 minutes to go before the start time. You'll have to click on the message, it doesn't "auto select" for you. Then you should be transported to the "start" with the rest of the BCC group.

See you on the virtual road!