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Road Updates Nobleton

Started by Steve Maxwell, October 01, 2021, 06:09:38 PM

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Steve Maxwell

if you are looking for a route in and around the Nobleton area, there are plenty of newly paved roads to choose from. The Township of King has decided to pave over many of the gravel roads in the area in an ongoing project. The attached map shows the existing gravel roads in the area indicated by the brown line. All other roads are paved. Some of the recently paved roads

  • 15th Sideroad from Weston to Hwy 27
  • 16th Sideroad from Hwy 27 to 12th Concession
  • Concession Rd 10 from 15th Sideroad to 19th Sideroad
  • 18th Sideroad from Concession Rd 11 to 7th Concession Rd

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