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22nd Side Road - Hwy 7 to 6th Line

Started by JasonGRoth, April 13, 2022, 03:26:09 PM

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Halton region is currently resurfacing 22nd Side Road from just west of Hwy 7 to the intersection with 6th line. I

As of last evening, it was open to traffic, with parts of it a single lane controlled by construction workers.

All of it is rideable, but it's gravel  :'(

Julie Rossall

I have just read a public notice by the Town of Halton Hills in our local newspaper - 6th Line at 22nd Sdrd will be closed until approx May 27th, although it's not clear in the notice how long 22nd Sdrd will be affected.

Julie Rossall

It's now evident that the nasty hill coming north on 6th Line up to 22nd Sdrd is being slightly re-routed to the southeast.  Safer intersection, friendlier for cyclists, fabulous!

Geoff Milan

Work is done.
22 is open for business, if your business is cycling.