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Peter Allen Memorial Ride and Celebration of Life
« on: October 28, 2019, 06:55:03 am »
November 10 Ride and CoL

The following is an excerpt from Peterís mountain biking pals. It would be great if some of Peteís roadie friends could be there too. Please RSVP to me by Nov 1  ( if you will attend the ride and/or post ride event.


So our very good friend Peter Allen (The Prez)  has left us ( Lost Boys) behind and has gone to seek out even better Mountain bike trails.

In Honour of The Prez, we are doing a mountain bike ride at Puslinch followed  by a get together at the Duke and Duchess Ppub which is 5 minutes  from the trail head at Puslinch.

Ride will start at 10 am Sunday morning rain, snow or shine. There will be several  groups going out with a selection of trails to meet various riding levels. Riders will return to parking lot around 12.30 pm change and head over to Duke and Duchess.

The Celebration of Life gets underway at 1:00 pm and will go to 4pm. We will share stories with the group at 2:00 pm.

If you have photos  of The Prez  from over the years bring them along with your stories. If you have a BRM (Blue  Ridge Mountain) riding Jersey or as the Prez  would say  BRM (Bitches Ride Mean) wear it.

We have a room booked for that day but it is on the small side so we will overflow into the bar area. There will be a assortment  of food platters and a cash bar.

Please reach out to people  you know that knew The Prez and let them know.
Dress is very relaxed from shorts to riding jerseys  to whatever  you want.
Bring a smile because  that is how Peter would have wanted it.

RSVP by Friday November 1st.

Duke and Duchess
900 Jamieson PKWY
N3C 4N6

Puslinch location

Puslinch Tract Conservation Area
4343 Wellington Rd 32, Cambridge, ON N3C 2V4
(519) 621-2761