Club Documents

A categorized listing of club documents that covers everything from group riding, club policies, forms, and waivers. Reading of some documents are mandatory for new members.

Newsletter Archives

To get a taste of events and activities during and outside of the season, browse the newsletter archives. You will find reports on the tours and the major events that we host.


Club Logo

Cycling Resources

Links to various information on cycling such as safety, training, repairs, nutrition and health, etc. There are also links to cycling news and some of the popular regional rides.

Cycling Organizations

Links to external cycling organizations that are associated with the club. Here you will find links to the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA), Cycling Canada, and other local organizations.

Local Resources

Links to cycling resources offered various municipal, regional and provincial governments. Here you will find cycling maps, master cycling plans, and local events.

Bike Shops

Here you will find a listing of bike shops that offers discounts to club members. Some of these shops also offer deals on special orders and will match discounts offered by other shops.

Bike Laws

If you are ever in need of a lawyer that specializes in bike laws, you will find one here. There are also links to legal resources on cycling and traffic.

Bike Box

If you are travelling with your bike and you need a bike box, the club offers one for free. Make arrangements with Matt for pickup and drop off.