Insurance Coverage For Non-Competitive Events

The Brampton Cycling Club is affiliated to the Ontario Cycling Association and we obtain our insurance through this affiliation. The conditions of our insurance are outlined below with respect to our non-competitive rides and are the same for all affiliated clubs as the conditions are negotiated with the underwriter by Cycling Canada and not by the individual clubs.

It is a requirement that all participants in any scheduled BCC tour be insured through the OCA either with the BCC or another OCA affiliated club. The only exception to this is for out-of-province rider who may participate with the prior consent of the BCC president.

All participants are asked to bring their membership and OCA cards to each ride as proof of eligibility. New members may not receive their cards for 1 or 2 weeks after joining but in the meantime can participate as soon as the BCC application form, BCC waiver, OCA waiver and full payment have been received.

If an ineligible rider insists on participating even after being asked not to then the ride must be cancelled.

For non-competitive events the participation of non-BCC members is strictly limited to a maximum of 3 rides per person per season, thereafter the participant is expected to pay the annual BCC membership fee to continue. This also applies to out-of-province riders.

The insurance policy makes no provision for trial memberships at either reduced or zero cost.

Only events listed on the BCC touring schedule are covered by our insurance. The start location, date and time must be as scheduled for the coverage to be valid and any changes must be notified to the OCA by the VP Touring prior to the event commencing. The route/destination and tour leaders name may be changed without notification to the VP Touring or the OCA.

Reporting Accidents

If there is an incident during any scheduled BCC race or tour both the tour leader/race supervisor and the person(s) involved must fill out an accident report form and forward it to the VP Touring. This applies to all accidents as defined below. The accident report form can be downloaded here (PDF)

An accident is defined as any case where a club member suffers a personal injury (other than minor scrapes) during a scheduled BCC event. Any incident involving a third party (i.e. a non-BCC member) where injury or property insurance occurs must also be reported.

The accident report form is the minimum level of documentation. Witness statements and photographs should also be submitted where appropriate.

The completed forms will be submitted to the OCA by the VP Touring where they will be held on file for 7 years.

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Club Members

At the Brampton Cycling Club, safety is a number one concern. The club offers a number of skills clinics on safe riding techniques and everyone has a role to play to ensure that groups rides are safe for all the participants. 

Official, insured rides are listed in our events calendar as club rides and club tours. Rides listed on the forum unofficial and not covered by insurance.

Due to insurance requirements, only riders insured with the Ontario Cycling Association are allowed on group rides.