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Milton Area Roads
« on: January 08, 2020, 06:13:59 pm »
Tremaine Road northbound between Britannia Road and Louis St. Laurent Avenue has a thick layer of fertile soil brought in by heavy construction equipment. This road might become a jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture.

James Snow Parkway is now open all the way to 5 Sideroad, west of R.R. 25. ( Dublin Line) Traffic is very light and the new section has a wide bike lane.

5 Sideroad and the new section of James Snow Parkway has a new roundabout. Access from R.R. 25 is not yet finished. If the construction continues this fast, we shall have it available by the official riding season.

Works continue on Louis St. Laurent Avenue between James Snow Parkway and Yates Drive roundabout. Itís very narrow and busy. Choose the parallel Clark Blvd. instead.
5.   Fourth Line southbound between Britannia and Louis St. Laurent is another Ministry of Agriculture project with quality soil layer.