Brampton Cycling Club Established 1972

Each year, the touring schedule starts on the last Saturday in March and continues until the last Saturday in October. For a complete listing of rides and other club events, please consult the events calendar.


Sunday rides are casual, relaxed, morning rides that usually averages below 25 km/h. The group usually consists of a mix of riders from the Touring and Easy Rollers groups, but is open to any club member that will respect the pace. Departure is from the Sobey's plaza in Mississauga.

On the occasional Sundays, there will also be special events such as group riding clinics, skill clinic, hill climbing clinic, or century ride.


The Touring group has weekly evening rides from the Southfields Village School in Caledon. Destination and leader maybe selected on the spot.


There are two Wednesday morning rides. One group departs from Terra Cotta in Caledon, and the other group departs from Sobey's Plaza in Mississauga. Riders from any of the touring groups are welcomed. The riders maybe arranged in groups based on ability, speed, or other factors.


On Thursdays there are weekly evening rides for the Classic and Sportif groups. These rides are hard-paced rides and can average over 30 km/h. Departure is from the Southfields Village School.


Saturday morning rides are the main club rides for all the touring groups. Each touring group starts at the same location but have the option of travelling different routes. The start location for these rides are rotated between the main start locations. The Saturday morning rides have the greatest attendance of all the scheduled rides.


In May, July, August, and September; there are scheduled holiday morning rides for each touring group from one of our regular start location. There is also a Good Friday ride.


Ride Planner

Looking for a route? find one in our comprehensive route library located at Ride With GPS. The Club's Ride With GPS route library is the recommended resource to use when planning club rides. It contains updated maps and turn by turn indicators.