Proper Equipment

Always bring a road bike in good working order. Although mountain bikes are allowed on BCC rides, you may have trouble keeping up with the group, depending on tires, road conditions etc. If the tour leader or pack leader thinks that your bike is unsafe, you will not be permitted to join the group until it is fixed.

Triathlon bars that protrude in front of the brake hoods are unsafe in a group setting and are not permitted. For the safety of your fellow group riders, these bars must be removed before you will be permitted to join the ride. Loop style tri-bars are more acceptable as they don’t have a sharp end. However, under no circumstances should you ride on triathlon bars on any group ride, as you must at all times be ready to make quick manoeuvres and be within easy reach of your brakes.

Wheels should be in good shape, and tires should be in good condition and inflated appropriately.

You must carry a reliable pump with the right adapter for your valve type, and at least one intact spare inner tube or tubeless tire with the right valve stem length for your rims.

Both the brakes and gear change must be working efficiently.

Carry a multi-tool, tire levers, cash, your BCC and OCA cards and sufficient fluid for the ride. Consider carrying your cell phone as well.

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