Be prepared to ride as a group. If you prefer to ride at your own pace in your own way, then do so at your own time and at another place.

Riding Safely

Each individual is responsible for their own actions and safety. You must wear a helmet on all BCC rides, and brightly coloured clothing is strongly recommended. It is your responsibility to carry enough food and drink, clothing, medical supplies, repair kit, cell phone and anything else you may need to satisfy your level of risk. The designated ride leader is not responsible for carrying such items for the group.

You must ride according to the Highway Traffic Act, which entails staying to the right-hand side of the lane (single or double file), stopping at stop signs and red traffic lights; signalling turns; waiting in line at the back of a traffic queue (no filtering to the front) and using good observation at all times. We ride as a group, which means waiting for the rest of the group if it gets stuck at traffic lights or at a busy intersection or if someone has a flat. Waiting means stopping and waiting, well over to the side of the road away from traffic. If for any reason you do not want the group to wait for you, please be sure to let someone know.

Other Road Users

We all must use the roads in a considerate and courteous manner to avoid unnecessary risk or conflict.

At all times, refrain from waving other road users past the group even though you are only trying to be helpful. It is the responsibility of the driver to pass safely and you risk assuming some liability should an accident result. If the road conditions are such that the vehicle will have a long wait to get by, then the leader or an experienced rider should call out for the group to single up to make passing easier.

Never respond to provocation as it will only inflame the situation. If a motorist passes in a dangerous manner or is in other ways threatening or abusive, try to get the license number and a description of the vehicle and driver, and contact the police on a non-emergency number at the earliest convenience.