Group Riding

All Brampton Cycling Club group rides are organized in packs of 6 to 12 cyclists grouped according to speed, distance, ability, and interest.

Our default formation is double file. Riding double file permits conversation with other riders, uses the road space efficiently, and minimizes the overall size of each pack. To share the work, riders change positions in the pack (rotation) so that each rider takes a short turn at the front followed by a longer opportunity to draft behind other riders. We change to single file if traffic and road conditions dictate, provided that doing so does not imperil the safety of the pack.

Are you New to Group Riding?

For those with little or no group riding experience, Brampton Cycling Club offers Group Riding Clinics. These clinics provide skills and practice so that you become comfortable riding in a group.

How to Choose the Appropriate Ride Group

BCC rides are organized into groups according to expected speeds. These range from the easy-paced Beginner rides, to increasingly faster Touring and Classic rides, to the fast performance-oriented Sportif group. You choose which group to ride with, but you need to be aware of the expected speed and performance level. For details, see the information on Touring Groups and Ride Days on the Main Touring page.

Please download and read the Group Riding Techniques document using the following link. It is mandatory for all new club members to read and understand our group riding techniques.