Brampton Cycling Club Established 1972

Count yourself in for our weekend and mid-week tours of varying lengths and speeds through the rolling country around the GTA and beyond. As noted below, we have five different speed and distance groups ranging from our fastest, Sportif, down to the Beginner Group. We have organised rides on Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday mornings as well as Tuesday & Thursday evenings. Details including dates, start times and departure points are found in our Events Calendar.

Riders new to the BCC are asked to contact the VP Touring either by e-mail prior to your first ride so that we can be sure that you join the group most suited to your needs. If you find that you later wish to change to a faster or slower group you may do so at any time as you are not locked in to any one group.

Before joining your first ride with us, please make sure that you carefully read the following documents:

Touring Group structure

Group Name Average Speed Early Season Distance Rest of Season Distance
Beginners 16 – 21 km/h 30 – 60 km 30 – 60 km
Easy Rollers 18 – 21 km/h 60 – 70 km 80 – 100 km
Touring 22 – 25 km/h 70 – 80 km 90 – 110 km
Classic 26 – 28 km/h 70 – 80 km 90 – 110 km
Sportif 29+ km/h 80 – 90 km 100 – 120 km

Weekly Rides

Please visit our Events Calendar for a comprehensive listing of all our group rides.



At the Brampton Cycling Club, safety is a number one concern. The club offers a number of skills clinics on safe riding techniques and everyone has a role to play to ensure that groups rides are safe for all the participants.


Only official rides listed in the events calendar are insured rides. All other rides are unofficial and not covered by insurance.

Due to insurance requirements, only riders insured with the Ontario Cycling Association are allowed on group rides.

Ride Planner

Looking for a route? find one in our comprehensive route library located at Ride With GPS. The Club's Ride With GPS route library is the recommended resource to use when planning club rides. It contains updated maps and turn by turn indicators.