2020 Club Kit

Our 2020 New Look

We're very excited to launch our new club kit for 2020. After consulting with a cross section of members, we've designed a new look that is sleek and elegant - a "pro-tour" look. Kits will now be provided by Jakroo.

Our Kit Objective

Our kit is a big piece of our club brand. We want you, as a valued member, to be proud to wear our kits on our club rides. By ordering your kit, you're rallying behind our club and our club brand.

What's New?

We've introduced two versions of the kit this year. The "Slim Fit" is Jakroo's racer fit, with a higher quality fabric. The "Standard Fit" is the same fit and quality that we have offered in prior years. Both are fantastic, order which one you feel most comfortable with

When Can you order?

These kits are available for you to order online now until August 4th

When Will I Get My Kit?

If you order by August 4th, your kit will be ready by August 18th, in time for the majority of the cycling season.

What if I don't know my size?

Jakroo, our new supplier, has a guaranteed size recommendation form

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