Date Meeting Type Summary Download
28-Jan-2021 Executive Committee clinics, season opening, 2021 kit - Jakroo, website & communication, OCA Updates
11-Jan-2021 Executive Committee Insurance update, OCA updates, 2021 kit, season opening
10-Nov-2020 Executive Committee Refund of 2020 fees, touring schedule for 2021, opening date for 2021, 2021 kit
20-Oct-2020 AGM Annual reports, election of directors, new business
05-Aug-2020 Executive Committee Resumption of club rides, membership cost adjustment
09-Jul-2020 Executive Committee Social media coordinator, feedback from members, OCA stipulations
03-Jun-2020 Executive Committee OCA return to riding guidelines
19-May-2020 Executive Committee Cancelling of rides until end of June, possibility to extend season, zoom meetings, OCA and insurance updates
21-Apr-2020 Executive Committee COVID-19 Impact, financial report, club kit, social media coordinator
24-Mar-2020 Executive Committee COVID-19 Impact, Zwift Rides, financial report, club kit, social media coordinator, new business
13-Feb-2020 Executive Committee New membership fees, new club kit and branding, touring report, OCA club summit, newsletter
07-Jan-2020 Executive Committee Branding, Carolinas Tour, Financials, Website changes

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